Monday, February 27, 2012


The Daytona 500 is on TV tonight. I know a lot of people who like NASCAR, but I am among those who have never watched a race. I think there are points and scores involved but I’m not sure and I don’t think I could name one driver. I can, however, name a lot of sponsors because every company seems to be one. There is a pin-up poster at Office Depot with their guy on it. I stare at it every time I’m in there and wonder who that guy is and if anyone else has that poster. I digress….

The reason for this post is……I LOVE the enthusiasm of NASCAR fans. I relate to them because I feel the same way about yoga. I could say to a fan, “Don’t you get tired of watching them go around in circles?” It would be the same as someone asking me, “Don’t you get tired of downward facing dog?” Both of our answers would be the same….Nope.

I read an article by Andrea Learned called “The Secret of NASCAR’s Marketing”. In it, Learned says that NASCAR has delivered on their 50-year promise to create “……a growing and passionate community of like-minded people… It is a lifestyle with hundreds of thousands of people who love it, follow it, and enjoy talking about it and making it a central part of their lives. ”. Yogis are the same way. I’ve tried a little marketing, but nothing works like word of mouth. My students are the best! They bring new people with them ALL the time. Probably because their friends just want them to ‘shut up already about all this yoga crap’. But then those people usually end up as regular students, too.

I may not, as yet, have developed an appreciation for the sport of NASCAR, but I certainly respect the energetic enthusiasm of the fans. I would love it if YogaGypsy had as many fans as NASCAR. So, it is in the spirit of appreciating what yoga & NASCAR have in common (which probably also includes tank tops and beer) that I will watch the Daytona 500 tonight. My challenge to you, people of Springdale, Arkansas, is to try my yoga class. I won’t make you chant or force your foot behind your head. You can do this yoga! I have total faith in you! Don your wife-beater, put your Bud in a water bottle and drive your pick-up truck to CrossFit 540 and say, “Where-the-h3ck is the yoga Cave?!” Your first class will be free if you 'LIKE' my FaceBook page and mention this blogpost :)  See you soon!

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