Monday, November 29, 2010

Defeat DecemBURRRR!!!

......You know where to find the HEAT this winter!

What students are saying.....

"I came in with alot of stress and left feeling so free and light! I felt like I went to a "yoga spa!" I loved all of the moves, stretches, the mind setting, bringing in the positiveness and letting go of the negative, everything! Thank you so much! You really pay attention to the details of it and I love your compassion and enthusiasm!" - Scheri

"I've taken numerous yoga classes, Tai chi class and fitness classes, and hands down Teri is one of the best, most caring instructors I've had.  Whatever head garbage I may be carrying with me when I enter the class, never leaves with me." - Shane

"Before taking Yoga I didn't appreciate my breath. It sounds loud and powerful at the back of my throat when we are doing our poses. It's become pretty soothing and I use that technique now when I'm not in class.  I come to class for something different. Working out in a gym can be so boring. I remember leaving my first class and thinking "WHAT WAS THAT?!?"  I come to class because I like knowing that I am becoming more flexible and not less. This applies to all aspects of my life as well.  SIDE PLANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best and worst things in the world.  And finally:  Everyone's impressed when they find out I do hot Vinyasa flow!! It has helped me connect with a few people who I now have something in common with that I didn't before. Who knows if I would have been able to break the ice with these new people if I hadn't muttered that one word: Namaste.  It's a challange but the pros ( see above) definitely out weigh the cons (my hair after class....UGHHH:)" - Andrea

"I started doing yoga with Teri in September of 2009. Before I discovered Teri’s class, I was an athlete since I was six years old playing sports and tried all kinds of different activities but needed a refreshing change. After going to her class for only a short time, I started to notice the amount of ENERGY I had dramatically increased. I was able to get through a whole work day without feeling tired. Other benefits I noticed were my increased flexibility and the ability to do other cardiovascular activities for longer periods of time without feeling exhausted afterward. The best benefit of all is my slimmer figure and overall ability to do everything I enjoy without feeling tired all the time. I still  do a mix of physical activity but yoga with Teri gave me all of the benefits I was looking for and more!" - Katya

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