Thursday, March 17, 2011

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I'm re-reading a favorite book by Cynthia Bourgeault about the practice of centering prayer.  When I read her insight about the intent of prayer, I can't help but apply it to the intent of my yoga practice.  Hope she doesn't mind if take a couple of liberties with her words to make this point: 

"In (yoga) everything begins in and keeps coming back to intention.  What am I really up to (on this mat)?  What is my aim as I set this practice in motion?  Of course, it's difficult to put words around an experience that is deeply personal and intuitive.  But in general, you're in the right ballpark if you sense your aim as "to be totally open".  Totally available, all the way down to the innermost part of your being."

I'm not sure I always show up with that intent.  Honestly, I usually want to get something out of my practice.   My teacher, Baron Baptiste, says "yoga doesn't work; people work and yoga comes to life".   So I'm recommitting to the work of just being open and available to the breath, to presence, and ultimately to mySelf.  I'm looking forward to new life on & off my mat!

Saturday 9 a.m.
Power Vinyasa Yoga in the Cave @ CrossFit 540 in Springdale

Sunday 2:30 & 3:45
Power Vinyasa Yoga at YogaStory in Bentonville

Spring Break Week will have some cancellations
NO Class on Thursday evening (Mar. 24) OR Friday Morning (Mar. 25th)

Introduction to Baptiste Workshop is SOLD OUT. 

***NEW*** Monthly Payment Option Coming Soon........!!!

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