Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Whatsa Chakra???

The yoga-magic you feel during and after class is caused by a shift in energy.  You can't see it but I know you feel it because happy zombies walk out of the studio leaving with OUR towels and leaving behind YOUR mats, water bottles and anything else that's not attached to you.  The energy that shifts
collectively called your chakra system.  There are seven main chakra energy centers in your body.  These centers are stimulated as you breathe and flow through your yoga practice.  One of the goals of a yoga practice is to balance your chakras.  

SO, let's learn a little about each one.  One of my favorite authors on the subject of chakras is Anodea Judith and the information I share with you is from one of her books, "Eastern Body, Western Mind".

First thing's First....
Chakra One
The Root Chakra
Located at the base of the spine.
Color associated with it is RED.
It's basic issue is Grounding, Survival, Roots....

Did you know.....OVEREATING is a First Chakra issue.  For example, say there is a change you want or need to make in your life but you are unwilling to do so, you may overeat in an attempt to gain relief and feel safe because the unknown (change) is scary.  Keep in mind, all of this takes place subconsciously.  This would indicate that your first chakra has excessive energy and your practice is to JUST LET GO.  Let your yoga practice help you shift FROM an excessive need for stability TO movement and flow.  Yoga allows for peaceful relaxation and subtle movement of energy within you.

That is a TINY amount about the First Chakra.  If you are interested, there is so much information available online and in many books.  Have fun learning!  

Stay tuned for Chakra TwO!

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