Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Couch Thoughts....

I have this couch that pokes me every time I sit down on it.  I hate this couch.  I get so irritated every time I sit on it.  Drives me NUTS!!!!  But, I’ve always had it so I guess I’ll keep it.  I can’t imagine having another one.  What in the world other kind of couch would I get? I have no idea.  I’ll just keep this stupid couch.  It’s easier than replacing it.  Plus, I sort of like getting pissed off about it.  What would I do with all the time I use being irritated by this couch.  I sort of like it.  At least, I’m used to it.  So whatever.  Maybe I won’t sit on it today and it will be fine.  I can probably go a pretty long time without sitting on it.  But even if I do, I deserve to feel uncomfortable because I didn’t do anything about it.  I’ll get used to it.  Stupid, couch.  I love it.  I don’t know what my house would be like without it.  Who would I be without my couch!?  I’d rather keep it.  What if I get rid of it and nothing is there???  I wouldn’t know what to do!  Whew!  I’m glad I have this stupid irritating couch.


I have this couch that I LOVE!  It is SO beautiful that I hardly ever sit on it.  I don’t want to mess it up.  I never let anyone else sit on it.  One time I did let someone on it and they spilled something!  My couch is perfect and it is going to stay that way.  I can’t bear to see it messed up.  I always fluff the pillows and arrange them differently so it looks perfect and brand new all the time.  I would love to relax on my couch but I’m afraid someone will stop by and see the pillows in disarray.   At times I’ve wondered if maybe I should get a different couch that I could actually use.  If I had room for another one in here, I totally would.  But there isn’t space for two.  If I had a couch that wasn’t perfectly beautiful, what would people say?  I want to rest on it.  It might be nice to have people over and not have to stand around.  God! This is so frustrating!   One time, I bought a pillow that didn’t match the couch and put it on the couch.  I thought, ‘if it doesn’t look so perfect, maybe I can sit on it.’  But it didn’t work.  I couldn’t stand looking at my couch with that pillow on it!  It’s just too wonderful to mess up.  And there isn’t any other couch that I would like so much as this one.  I’m glad I have it even though I can’t rest on it.  Oh well, I can go without resting.

If your thoughts were a couch, which one would they be?  In fact, your thoughts are like a couch.  Thoughts are matter.  Just like you can place your awareness on a couch.  You can place your awareness on your thoughts.  Just like you can become attached to material things.  You can become attached to your thoughts.  Be curious about your thoughts rather than judging yourself because of them.  The energy of judgment makes sure you keep the thoughts you don’t want.  The energy of judgment continues to create the things you judge yourself about.  Thoughts of ‘I suck and I always mess up’ and thoughts of ‘I am amazing and right all the time’ are exactly the same type of judgment.  Be curious and explore the reasons behind why you need or are attached to either extreme line of thinking.  Let thoughts come and go.  Don’t hoard them.  Let go of attachment to things and thoughts.  They are the same.

Take Rest,

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