Monday, June 24, 2013

enLightenment......the damndest thing

I have a normal walking route near the studio.  The route doesn't change but I always notice different things.  

Today I saw this vine.  It is a wispy little thing wrapped tightly around a sturdy rusty rail.  It starts somewhere below the walking bridge.

It's desire is the same desire of every organism on the planet.....grow toward the light.

Unlike an oak tree, it's not strong enough or rooted deeply enough to reach for the light on it's own accord.  Rising higher depends on wrapping around an 'other'.

If I were an artist, I would name this photo 'Dream vs. Reality'.

In the vine's dream, the rusty rail is imperative to reaching the light.  The rail can't get the vine to the sun.  It just helps it feel safe for a little while.

When I got to class, the teacher asked, "What is your intention for practice today?"  In child's pose, I answered, 'to grow towards the light.......without relying on an 'other''

There is no belief structure, yoga practice, teacher, meditation or community that can take you where the Light wants to take you. 

An 'other' may help for a while, but it won't take you where your inner light is guiding you.  

Let go.  Keep growing.  

The innate desire inside you will reach the ultimate Light on it's own.  No man-made system required.  That is Reality.

Be an Oak tree.  Crack some shells.  Grow some roots.  Stand strong.  


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