Friday, September 27, 2013

Once upon a time,.....

In order to get outside yourself, you have to get outside yourself: outside your everyday routine and away from the everyday people. 

Once upon a time, I went to a yoga training at Amansala Resort in Maya Tulum, Mexico.  I love yoga because it really hits you where you live.  Yoga makes you question everything.  
Seriously.  Everything.  
Yoga mats should come with a warning label!

At Amansala, I was walking from the dining area back to my room, in the dark.  When, all of the sudden….. I tripped over a coconut.

I stumped my toe hard.  I did the shuffle-in-the-sand-don’t-fall-hippity-hop and caught myself.  I didn’t fall.  But, I was mad!  For like 2 seconds.  Really mad!

A lot of things went through my head in those 2 seconds.  Those 2 seconds changed my whole outlook on pretty much everything.  Those 2 seconds went like this:

“OUCH!  #@%*! That really hurt!  I feel stupid.  Did anyone see? That was embarrassing!  Why is it so dark out here?!  They should have some lights! This is ridiculous!  I could have broken my ankle.  Don’t they know we are trying to be yoga teachers here?!?!? Breaking ankles is not good for that!!!


I tripped.  Over a COCONUT.  That fell from a tree…..onto the ground.  The ground is sand.  I’m on a beach.  The ocean is over there……to my right.

Wow.  That’s very different than Arkansas.  Hmmmm.  I am in a place that’s different.  This different place has coconut trees.  And oceans.  And beaches.  And margaritas.  And yoga!  Wow!  I like this different place!  I like coconuts!  I like yoga!  I like my life!  I like beaches, and margaritas, and me!  This is pretty funny!  It didn’t hurt that bad.  I don’t care if anyone saw.  That.  Was.  Awesome!”
Two.  Seconds.

Two seconds can change your whole life. 

Lately,  I’ve been hearing people say really weird things to me, like……”wow, you’re really wise.”…….”you are such a strong and confident woman.”…………more than once! Different people! It catches me off-guard.  I look around and think, ‘are they talking to me???'.    

This is a fairly recent development, but it’s happening because I went to places where I tripped over coconuts.  It’s happening because I took myself to places to get uncomfortable on purpose, for a purpose.

Put yourself in unexpected, unfamiliar places, do a little looking inward and see what happens.  I don’t have exclusivity on gaining higher perspective or wisdom or happiness.  It’s waiting for YOU.  Somewhere unfamiliar.  Somewhere new.  Somewhere is waiting for you to come fall in love with your life.  To live happier.  To live free-er.  Go. Somewhere. Now.

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