Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So...last night i had a new student in my class.  #prettyyoungblondecollegewoman(girl).

i did what i do and gave it what i give.

at the end i said..."thank you for coming."

she said...."that was the best yoga class i've ever been to."

i said...."this must've been your first one"

she said..."no.  i've been to a lot."

i gave her a hug.

she said..."that was amazing.....i don't even need to go to church.  this is everything i am looking for."

i gave her another hug, and here's why...

i remember the  moment when i told my 'yoga-mama'...."this is my church.  this is where I worship."

that is the highest compliment that anyone could EVER give me.  and she had NO idea.

now...... i'm not saying that yoga should RePLACE your faith.  i'm just saying that it will complement it times-a-MILLION!

i grew up in a VERY fundamental-baptist-type-southern-religioney church.  i SUPER heart Jesus.  BUT.....

i couldn't figure out how to make all the wonderful Jesus-stuff show up in my body/life.


Come to class sometime.....


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